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Your car in spring – some useful hints.

Your car in spring – some useful hints. - image

If your car was heavily used in winter (driving in traffic jams, and on short distances), running the engine in such severe conditions must have affected the oil.

While driving in such short start-stop intervals, the engine was unable to warm up properly which resulted in condensed water and fuel penetration to the oil sump, making the oil emulsify and thinning it with not combusted fuel. This must have had an impact on the engine lubrication, and oil viscosity was reduced leading to increased wear of the interacting parts. If this is the case, such condition can be seen as an increased oil level or no oil level drops despite long vehicle mileage. In such cases, we recommend you to exchange the oil before using your car in the summer. We suggest that you observe the quality and viscosity grades as used before the winter. SAE 5W-30, 5W-40 oil grades are recommended.