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Why is it worth checking the engine oil level on a regular basis?

Proper use of the engine, regular change of suitable motor oil and frequent checking of its level ensure optimum engine lubrication, owing to which the car engine will remain in a good condition for many years.

The engine usually uses a certain amount of oil as a result of high temperatures and high pressure inside. When the oil level is too low, the engine wears more quickly, simply with too low oil levels and car leaning, the oil level may not ensure constant liquid lubrication or the occurrence of mixed or boundary lubrication. This results in shorter exploitation life, and if the worst comes to the worst also in the engine damage or seizure. The engine requires a suitable level of oil for proper functioning. A too high oil level f may cause an increase in pressure, higher resistance of pumping causing the damage of engine sealing, increase in fuel consumption, etc. Maintaining the oil level between ½ and the maximum level ensures safe lubrication.

In particular users of cars driven frequently on motorways and expressways should remember about a need for regular check of the motor oil level. During fast driving the oil level declines more quickly. When going on a long journey on a motorway, it is worth taking a small bottle (e.g. 1-littre) of oil to fill in the oil when having a stop.