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How to prepare your motorcycle for the new season

How to prepare your motorcycle for the new season - image

Or motorcycle riders are looking forward to the end of winter and the beginning of the season. Yet the motorcycle should be well prepared. What cannot be overlooked?

  • Checking the tyres – as per the regulations, the tread’s depth may not be less than 1.5 mm
  • Cleaning the carburettor – if fuel had been removed from it before winter, it may be enough to preliminarily fill in the chambers. If this is not sufficient or if the chambers have not been cleaned of fuel, they should be checked for residue. If the handlebars run smoothly, the frame’s head bearing is in good condition.
  • Controlling whether there is no clearance on wheel bearings, fork pipes or the balance lever bearings
  • Checking the braking system – pads and discs should be checked. If the lining is thinner than 1.5mm and the discs are thinner than 4-5mm, those should be replaced. Brake pipes’ condition should also be checked.
  • Checking the battery (has it been removed before winter?). Lines, strands and, most importantly, the accelerator cable require lubrication
  • Checking the condition of the chain, by pulling it off the rack. If they come apart by more than 2mm, both the chain and the rack need replacement
  • Exchanging sparking plugs (every 12 thousand km) or cleaning them, at the same time adjusting spaces between electrodes
  • Changing oil and oil filter
  • Checking and adjusting lights
  • Changing brake and coolant fluid every two years at the rarest