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How often should motor oil be changed?

When using the engine, the oil lubricating its elements is subject to many extortions, washes away the lubricated surfaces transporting dispersed impurities to the filter. Oil, oil filter, air filter have specific volume and resistance to changes, so after certain time they should be changed. Interval of oil and filter change and other servicing activities are specified by the engine’s manufacturer.

Recommendations of the car manufacturer should always be observed. The majority of modern passenger cars and vans require the oil change after driving 15,000 – 30,000 km or after one year. This also depends on oil consumption by the engine as well as the conditions. When driving in the city (small distances, driving with frequent start and stop of the car) and at high engine speed, the engine works in difficult conditions. Therefore, in such conditions a frequent change of oil is recommended, because the pace of engine wear and tear when driving at short distances is even five times higher than in case of driving at high speeds on motorways or expressways.